Study of the Marco Project (MURCO) on the sidelines of the International Congress on Urology

On Thursday, May 4, 1396, a meeting was held on the sidelines of the International Congress of Urology at the Shahid Beheshti University’s Abourihan Hall, attended by Dr. Peter Blake, Senior Research Fellow, Vancouver Prostate Center and Professor, Department of Urology, University of British Columbia, and Dr. Hadi Radfar. Member of the Board Shahid Beheshti University, Marco System Designer and Engineer Mahmoud Matin, producer of Marco Software for introducing and reviewing project functions.

In this friend-friendly session, Dr. Hadi Radfar introduced the project and the expected objectives, and provided a detailed overview of their forms and details.

Dr Peter Black referred to successful examples internationally and introduced a similar project managed by him.

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